Maryland State Numismatic Association

Maryland State Numismatic Association promotes and advances the knowledge of numismatics along educational, historic, and scientific lines. The organization acts as an umbrella organization to represent member clubs throughout the state of Maryland.

American Numismatic Association Member Club # C-73593 • Life Member Club # LC-42

MSNA 2017 Ballot — UPDATE

Due to an oversight, a candidate was accidentally left off the ballot that was published in the October edition of The Maryland Numismatist, which was placed in the mail today. Please vote using the attached ballot instead.

It is preferred that you mail the ballot to the post office box with your name on the outside envelope. You can also mark up the PDF file or scan a ballot as jpeg and email it to me, but put your actual name on the email (not the ballot), as some email accounts are used for both clubs and individuals. If you use either method, please try to get these to me by November 1 so I have a chance to tabulate before the meeting.

I will contact anyone who submits the incorrect ballot to check if their vote would change had they used the corrected ballot. Please save me and you this inconvenience by using the correct ballot (2 VP candidates instead of 1).

I will also bring ballots to the annual meeting so anyone whose ballot I did not already receive can mark up a ballot and vote BEFORE THE MEETING STARTS AT 5:30

Download Adobe Reader Download the correct ballot here!

President’s Message: Fall 2014

The numismatic summer season began for us with Dave Schenkman as our sixth speaker for the annual MSNA Distinguished Lecture. With a nice-sized audience, Dave walked through an entertaining talk about collecting trade tokens by their numbers or denominations. Not only...