Triboro Bridge and Tunnel Authority Toll Token from Scott’s personal collection.

Triboro Bridge and Tunnel Authority Toll Token from Scott’s personal collection.

The numismatic summer season began for us with Dave Schenkman as our sixth speaker for the annual MSNA Distinguished Lecture. With a nice-sized audience, Dave walked through an entertaining talk about collecting trade tokens by their numbers or denominations. Not only was Dave’s talk an entertaining look at an area of numismatics that people tend to ignore, he also provided a lesson that we can still collect rare items that are challenging and affordable.

We all tend to get caught up in the shiny objects that were produced by the U.S. Mint. It is difficult to ignore them. Most of the coins were wonderful works of art and do hold a lot of value. Even though it is difficult to ignore the rarity of the 1804 dollar or a high grade 1909-S VDB, the cost of these coins are out of reach to most collectors.

When MSNA was founded in 1972, the vision was to function as a central organization for Maryland clubs. Over the years, the mission has become unfocused as the hobby has changed. Once a thriving numismatic community has aged and dwindled. MSNA needs a new course.

Supporting activities like the Distinguished Lecture series is one oppor- tunity for MSNA to shine and add value to the Maryland numismatic community. But what else can we do? How can MSNA support Maryland numismatists and grow the hobby, especially to a new generation who prefers to pay electronically than handle coins and currency? They are not growing up picking change from their pockets because there is little change to pick from.

What can we do to grow the hobby? What can MSNA do to help you, our members, to grow the hobby? If you have ideas, suggestions, or anything else, please contact me at and let me know. MSNA is here to work with the Maryland numismatic community and I look forward to your suggestions as to how we can better our support.

Scott Barman, MSNA President