The June 29 lecture by Donald Kagin at the Summer Whitman Show went well, although the attendance was disappointing. It is unclear whether that was a reflection of the show attendance, which was low even for a summer show, or whether it means we need to re-think how we market the event. There were no announcements made of the lecture until I went to the communications booth and asked that they do so.

Mr. Kagin did a reprise of his talk at the ANA Convention in Philadelphia in August. Many of us went to Philly for a day and some of our colleagues went for the entire week. We ran into Tom Palmer, who left the MSNA Board upon his retirement in 2008 when he relocated to Florida. Tom was riding a scooter in Philly—he is suffering from a neurological disorder and is coping as best he can. It was good to see him!

We all know that we are lucky to have three world-class coin shows in Baltimore annually—my impression is that the bourse floor at the Whitman Show equals that of the ANA shows. Where the ANA excels is the opportunity for visitors to attend club meetings and other events. On August 10, I attended the PCGS Set Registry Luncheon. Each attendee had a good lunch and came away with a book and an ungraded slabbed “sample” Gettysburg Quarter.

Kudos to the MSNA members and other Marylanders who earned awards at the ANA show—especially our Treasurer and Journal Editor Simcha Kuritzky, one of the most decorated exhibitors nationally, who once again took home several awards. Congratulations, Simcha!

Returning to Donald Kagin, he was kind enough to decline the honorarium offered by the MSNA for his talk, but asked that we use it to promote YN activities instead. I ask that the MSNA membership think of ways that our organization can use these funds to foster Young Numismatists programs held by member clubs, or the MSNA could undertake an effort independently.

Finally, I ask you to think about another issue—how the MSNA can continue to be relevant and what things we can do to assist and support the efforts of our member clubs? The Board has begun discussion of this issue and any input from the membership would be welcomed!

Frank Murphy, MSNA President