The American Numismatic Association announced that MSNA Treasurer Simcha Kuritzky was awarded the Steven J. D’Ippolito Best-in-Show award for his exhibit “Numismatic Polygons” at the 2012 National Money Show, May 10-12 in Denver.

The exhibit highlighted coins with three to 24 sides and features coins from every decade of the 20th Century. Kuritzky culled many coins from a world type set that he has since sold, and by doing additional research into world coin catalogs.

“I wanted to present the widest possible variety of coins—there are coins from countries all over the world,” Kuritzky said in an interview with the ANA. “It’s conceivable that there might be other coins with many sides. I ended up buying a 15-sided coin made in United Arab Emirates for the exhibit.”

In addition to his Best-in-Show award, Simcha’s exhibits were winners in the following exhibition classes:

Class 2: Economics (exhibits dealing with monetary and financial systems or economic events such as panics and inflations)
  • First place: Simcha Laib Kuritzky, for “Numismatic Polygons.”
Class 3: Geography (exhibits that describe natural or cultural assets, the distribution of populations, or exploration)
  • First place: Simcha Laib Kuritzky, for “Creating Modern Israel.”
Class 5: The Arts (exhibits that explore any aspect of fine or applied arts)
  • Second place: Simcha Laib Kuritzky, for “Engraved Coins of the Ba’al Shem Tov Amulet.”

Congratulations Simcha from MSNA!