As I accept the gavel from Jack Schadegg near the Thanksgiving holiday, it seems appropriate to think of the good fortunes that our Organization has experienced that we should be thankful for. The Distinguished Lecture Series continues to be successful . I believe it has had the desired effect of helping to restore the MSNA “brand.” Thanks to Larry Goldman and others who continue to produce a quality event. Similarly, the exhibits at the spring show have been successful enough that another organization (the Liberty Seated Collectors) had their own exhibits at the recently-concluded fall Whitman show. Thanks to Bryce Doxzon for making the exhibits a success. We now have a website, thanks to Scott Barman. I encourage all of our members to explore the website – The journal is better than it has ever been, thanks to Simcha Kuritzky. The John Henry collection has been catalogued, thanks to Bill Stratemeyer and Don Curtis. Even though the ANA does not have Baltimore on their radar screen, we continue to be the only city in the country with three national-caliber coin shows, each with two auctions held by national firms.

I would also like to thank Jack Schadegg for his stewardship over the last two years, as well as for his interesting President’s Messages!

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and that the upcoming holiday season is a joyous one!

Frank Murphy, MSNA President