MSNA Annual Meeting
at the
Whitman Baltimore Expo
Baltimore Convention Center
Saturday, November 19, 2011 at 3:00 PM
Conference Room 329

The MSNA Board has reviewed the organization’s constitution and by-laws which were last amended in 2000 and has recommended changes to have it reflect the modern organization. Members will vote on the revised version at the annual meeting. You can view the proposed changes online Paper copies will be distributed at the meeting.

The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

  1. Call to Order
  2. Election results 2012 officers and swear-in. The nominees are:
    • President: Frank Murphy
    • Vice President: Scott Barman
    • Secretary: Bryce Doxon
    • Treasurer: Simcha Kuritzky, CPA.
  3. Reading of the Minutes from May board meeting (Bryce Doxzon)
  4. Review and vote for Constitution and By-Law changes (include additional proposal for ballot votes via email/website)
  5. Treasurers Report/Financial Statements (Simcha Kuritzky)
  6. Correspondence (Simcha Kuritzky) Incoming:
  7. MSNA Journal and 2011 article contest winner (Simcha Kuritzky)
  8. Old Business
    • Henry collection appraisal status (Jack Schadegg)
    • MSNA club representatives – actions required to confirm or re-establish
    • MSNA 2012 souvenir card discussion
    • MSNA website store – launch date – Feb 2012 (Scott Barman)
  9. New Business
    • 2012 Distinguished Lecture series discussion/plans
    • 2012 Raffle and Prizes determination
    • Capital One checking account opening and status
    • As brought before the Board
  10. Other actions: Availability of newly released US Mint circulation coin
  11. Date for next Meeting
  12. Adjournment

We look forward to seeing you there!