MSNA Constitution and By-Laws

Maryland State Numismatic Association, Inc.

Official Constitution and By-Laws


Article 1.

The organization, being an association of Numismatic Organizations (Coin Clubs) and individual Numismatists (Coin Collectors) joined together to promote, advance, and improve the numismatic hobby in the State of Maryland, shall hereafter be known as the Maryland State Numismatic Association, Incorporated; and the organization is to be operated as a NonNot-for-Profit Corporation, under the appropriate Maryland State laws.

Article 2.


The objectives of the Maryland State Numismatic Association, Inc.., hereinafter known as MSNA, shall be to form and operate this association as a nonnot-for-profit corporation, for the purpose of building interest in, and encouraging the development of, the numismatic hobby in the State of Maryland, in all its aspects. These activities include, but are not limited to, holding conventions, Coin Shows, seminars, auctions, meetings, and publishing and distributing bulletins and other items of an educational nature; also buying and selling numismatic items such as: coins, tokens, paper money, store cards, medals, medallions, Pickers checks, and other such material and items directly related to the hobby of numismatics.

A further objective of this association shall be to help eliminate abuse in the hobby through the education of our membership and publication, in our bulletins, or other channels of communication, concerning fraud or attempted fraud or fraudulent practices as they become know to MSNA.

Article 3.


The Association shall have four types of members:

1.        Senior Memberships

2.      Junior Memberships

3.       Coin Club Memberships

4.      Life Memberships


Persons eligible for Senior Membership must be at least eighteen (18) years of age or older, and must be a member in good standing of a local coin club; or other bona fide numismatic association such as the American Numismatic Association (ANA) or Eastern States Numismatic Association. Any applicant not meeting the above requirements may be accepted, only if his/herstheir application for membership is signed by two (2) MSNA members in good standing (current year’s dues paid), who will vouch for them without any reservations. Members making this recommendation must be Senior Members.


Applicants for Junior Memberships must not be less then twelve (12) years of age, and not more then eighteen (18) years of age, and upon reaching age 18 must convert to a Senior Membership. Their application shall require the signature of at least one parent or guardian. His/herTheir application for membership shall require the recommendation of at least two (2) MSNA members in good standing (current year’s dues paid), one of which may be a Junior Member.

Junior Members shall be welcome at all MSNA meetings only when accompanied by a parent or Senior Member. The parent may or may not be a member of MSNA.


Local Coin Clubs and other Numismatic Organizations shall be eligible to join MSNA, Inc., and are urged to join our association. It is a requirement for Club Membership that the membership of said local coin club votes to join MSNA and that a duly elected officer such as the president or secretary submit a statement with the membership application to the effect that the membership has voted to apply for membership, in order to comply with the article in the state constitution.


A candidate for Life Membership must have been a general member for at least three (3) years and pay the One-time fee according to the following schedule:

§   Below 50 years of age:  $100200.00

§   50-65 years of age:        $ 60125.00

§   Over 65 years of age:     $ 3575.00

Article 4.


The Dues, as spelled out in the by-laws, shall be established in accordance with the MSNA needs by the officers and the Board of Directors of MSNA.

The dues shall be payable annually to the treasurer of MSNA in January of each calendar year.

Article 5.

OFFICERS: The Officers are to be elected as provided by the by-laws and shall consist of the following elected officers:

1.        President

2.      Vice President

3.       Secretary

4.      Treasurer

Each member club shall appoint a Club Representative to serve on the Board of Directors and with the officers newly elected, MSNA’s Lawyer (Ifif any) and at least two immediate past presidents of MSNA will function as members of the Board of Directors until the next election and installation of new officers. This is to comply with our articles of incorporation.

Article 6.



The MSNA shall hold an annual conventionmeeting at a date and location established by the Board of Directors. ThisIf MSNA holds a convention shall serve as, the MSNA Annual Meeting of the membership andshall be held during the convention.   The membership shall be given four (4) weeks prior notice, in writing, of the date, time, and place of the Annual Meeting.

Article 7.


This Constitution, once adopted, may be amended at any annual convention or Annual Meeting by a two-thirds majority of the voting members in good standing, provided there is a quorum of at least seven (7) members present and voting.

The original Constitution was approved and adopted by two-thirds of the membership present and voting at the Second Convention and Annual Meeting held in Salisbury, Maryland, June 9, 1974. The current amendment to the constitution was approved and adopted by two-thirds of the membership present and voting at the May 28, 2000 Convention and Annual meeting held at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

Date: May 28, 2000.
Signed by:

 /s/ Donald L. Curtis , President

 /s/ Bryce F. Doxon   , Secretary



Of the

Maryland State Numismatic Association, Inc.

Article 1.

Section 1. MEETINGS

The MSNA shall hold an annual meeting and/or convention for the membership at least once every twelve months. The officers and directors shall determine the place, date, and purpose of said meeting and shall notify the membership of this action as soon as practical and not later thenthan the second quarterly publication of previous to the year.meeting. “The Maryland Numismatist (MSNA Journal)” is the current name of the quarterly publication. More frequent meetings may be called as deemed necessary by the President and approved by the majority of the officers of MSNA. The Vice President, in the event of the death or serious illness of the President, is empowered to act in the President’s place in the event the President is unable to act in his own behalf. This substitute action by the Vice President shall require the affirmative vote of the majority of the Board of Directors.

In addition to the annual membership meetings, the President (and in his stead the Vice President (should the President be incapacitated) is empowered to call meetings of the officers and directors at a time and place of the President’s discretion for the purpose of conducting the affairs of MSNA.

Article 2.

Section 1. DUES

The dues of all members, Senior, Junior or Club Members are due and payable to the Treasurer of MSNA in January of each calendar year. Any member whose dues remain unpaid by March 15th of the calendar year shall be immediately subject to suspension.

Dues shall be as follows:

Senior Members: Any member over 18 years of age, FiveTen dollars ($510.00) annually.

Junior Members: Age 12 until 18th birthday, Two dollars ($2.00) annually.

Coin Club Members: Any bona fide numismatic organization domiciled in the State of Maryland or any numismatic organization not domiciled in the State of Maryland, which wishes to support MSNA and what it stands for, TenFifteen dollars $10($15.00) annually.


Senior Members: Must be 18 years of age, as of their last birthday. Their membership in a Local coin club, in good standing and they have evidence thereof (current dues card or a note from their local coin club Secretary is deemed evidence Thereofthereof), and the signature of one MSNA member in good standing is required. Applicants, not members in good standing of a local coin club, require signatures of two MSNA members in good standing to accompany the application for membership.

Junior Members: To be eligible to become a Junior Member, the applicant must have passed his twelfth (12) birthday and not yet reached his 18th birthday. He/sheThey must have the consent of at least one parent—in writing, and be recommended by two (2) Senior MSNA Members in good standing. He/sheThey may only attend meetings when accompanied by a parent or an adult member of MSNA. However, if the junior applicant is currently a member in good standing of another coin club, he need only have the signature of one (1) Senior MSNA Member in good standing on his application for membership.

Coin Club Members: Any bona fide Coin Club, having five (5) or more members, is eligible, if the club holds regular membership meetings and votes to join MSNA and is so certified by the President or Secretary.


Any member, Senior, Junior or Club Member, who has been suspended for NON PAYMENT OF DUES, may apply for reinstatement by paying the dues for the year for which he was suspended plus the full current year’s dues.


Any member violating the by-laws of this organization, committing a criminal offence or defaming the character of another member of MSNA shall be subject to expulsion or other disciplinary action as hereinafter provided.

The selling and/or trading on three or more occasions of counterfeit or altered numismatic items, irrespective of his/hertheir lack of knowledge as to the authenticity thereof, may be deemed to constitute conduct unbecoming to a member and prejudicial to the welfare of MSNA.

The selling and/or trading by any member on one or more occasions of counterfeit or altered numismatic items with knowledge as to the lack of authenticity thereof, shall be deemed to constitute conduct unbecoming a member and prejudicial to the welfare of MSNA.

Proceedings shall be instituted by written changes charges signed by the person making them. Such changescharges, with particular thereof, shall be filed with the secretarySecretary of MSNA, who shall present them to the next meeting of the officers and board of directors, after which he shall mail a copy of the charges to the accused, or a summary of the same, in a postpaid envelope to the last known address of the accused member, as shown on the secretary’s /treasurer’s roster.

The accused member shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to enter a written defense of such charge or charges. The matter shall then be referred to the board of directors of the association, which shall determine the case under such rules and regulations it (the board)Board may adopt.

The board of directors may dismiss such charges, or it may censure, suspend or expel such member. Until the boardBoard of director’sDirectors acts, the accused member shall continue in good standing.

When members inform the board of directors, or a member deemed to be reliable, of the prosecution or indictment for a criminal offense, the board may suspend such member who has been indicted or legally accused of such a crime.

Should the boardBoard of directorsDirectors be informed, through a reliable source as determined by the board of directors, that the accused has been adjudged guilty, or the accused has pleaded guilty to such a crime, the board may expel such a member, unless an appeal is pending upon the act or acts for which expulsion was based, and the board has been advised of such an appeal.


The board may reinstate the membership of any suspended or expelled member or entity of MSNA.

Article 3.



The President shall preside at all meetings, be an ex-officio member of all committees, and is empowered to sign checks drawn on accounts of MSNA for any routine expenses. Any out of the ordinary expenses will have to be approved in advance by the board of directors. HeThe President is also empowered to act, inon behalf of the associationAssociation when, in histheir best judgment, such actions are necessary or beneficial to the association.Association. The presidentPresident is required to write a welcome letter to be sent to each new member. The presidentPresident is authorized to appoint committees to assist in carrying out the activities of MSNA and to name replacements of other officers, whose office may be vacant or if the said officer is unable to perform his/hertheir duties. These interim officers, so appointed, shall serve only until the next regular election.


The Vice President shall assist the President in every way when called upon to do so by the President, and shall preside at all meetings in the absence of the President.

Should the office of the President become vacant for any causereason, the Vice President shall become the President for the unexpired term.


The Treasurer shall collect all monies of MSNA and shall render notice of dues to all members, for dues for the ensuing year, not later then December 15, in the last quarterly publication of each calendar year. He The Treasurer shall pay out monies, as directed by the President or others authorized by the President. HeThe Treasurer is required to submit a financial report of the Association to at the annual meeting and convention and The treasurer’s Reportthe Treasurer’s report will include but not be limited to, all income, and Expendituresexpenditures broken down by specific categories, and all clubs assets as of the end of the calendar year. The Report will also include the number of new members, the number of losslost members and the current number of members at the end of the calendar year. HeThe Treasurer is required to complete and submit all forms required of the association by regulatory agencies in compliance with our operations as a Non-Profitnot-for-profit corporation. The Treasurer is required to send a copy of MSNA Constitution and By-laws along with, a copy of the Presidents welcome letter, and the new member membership card to each new member, along with the new member membership card.. The Treasurer is authorized to write checks, withdraw deposits, deposit, and make other banking transactions for any routine expenses. Any out of the extraordinary expenses will have to be approved in advanced by the board of directorsBoard of Directors.


The Secretary shall keep a true written record for all transactions of the Association. HeThe Secretary shall take the minutes of each meeting and report them at the next meeting of the association, which shall be approved with any, needed changes by the membership and so recorded.

HeThe Secretary shall conduct the correspondence of MSNA as may be necessary, and he is also to handle publicity for the conventions, seminars, etc.

The secretaryThe Secretary is authorized to sign checks and other banking items for any routine expenses. Any out of the extraordinary expenses will have to be approved in advanced by the board of directorsBoard of Directors.


The Board of Directors shall be composed of the present officers (i.e., President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer)), MSNA’s lawyer (if any), along with the last two or three immediate past presidents of this association plus the Club Representatives chosen by the member Clubs, in accordance with the Constitution and by-lawsBy-Laws of MSNA.

The Board of Directors is responsible for establishing and policing the objectives of MSNA. They are to see that the affairs of the association Association are conducted properly and they are to advise the officers of the Association to the best of their ability at all time. The ultimate responsibility of the growth and development, and the conduct of MSNA are in the hands of the Board of Directors. The boardBoard members chosen by the member clubs shall serve at the pleasure and desire of the member club, which appointed them and will serve until such time as their club sees fit to replace them.

Article 4.


The MSNA is authorized to conduct Coin Shows, Courses, Exhibits, exhibit competitions, Educational Seminars, meetings and conventions, provided such events are sanctioned by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Article 5.

Section 1. ELECTION

The tenure of officers of the MSNA shall be from the first of the month immediately following the annual conventionmeeting until the last day of the month in which the next annual conventionmeeting is held. This period of time shall hereafter be referred to as the convention year.

The MSNA shall hold an annual written election conducted via the U.S. mail. The procedure shall be as follows: The President shall name a nominating committee, naming one member of the committee as chairman. The Nominating Committee shall select a slate of officers for the coming convention year and by the first of the month proceeding the month of the annual convention. Shall meeting. MSNA shall place in the mail (if possible via the MSNA Journal) a ballot to be returned to the chairman of the Nominating CommitteeEditor by the first of the month in which the annual convention is to be held.

The Chairman, in the presence of the Nominating Committee, shall count the ballots and notify the current President and Secretary of the results of said election. The outgoing officers as the last order of business at the annual meeting shall install the newly elected officers.

Article 6.


There shall be no limit to the number of terms which the Secretary or Treasurer may serve; provided they are capable of filling the office and carrying out their responsibilities. The term of the President and/or Vice President, on the other hand, is limited to two successive terms of one year each. After they have been out of office for a full term, they again become eligible provided the current Board of Directors sanctions them to seek election.

Article 7.

Section 1. QUORUM

There must be a quorum of at least seven (7) members (four of whom need to be Board members, and one of whom to be a current officer) present to conduct a business meeting at the Annual Meeting ofor Convention.

A meeting of the Officers and Directors requires a quorum of at least five (5) Board members present and at least one being a current officer before any MSNA business may be conducted.

Article 8.


The MSNA By-laws may be amended at any annual meeting by the association by a majority vote of the membership, provided that the quorum requirements of Article 7 of the Association by-laws are met.


The constitution may be amended at any annual meeting by a majority of two thirds of the membership provided the quorum requirements of Article 7 of the Association by-laws are complied with.