Welcome to the autumn issue of The Maryland Numismatist. MSNA extends a special thanks to Anthony Swiatek, our third speaker in the MSNA Distinguished Lecturer Series. After delivering a nice lecture and slide show on buying coins, Anthony generously donated back to MSNA the honorarium we presented him, though he did enthusiastically accept the MSNA Honorary Life Membership. The success of Distinguished Lecture Series encourages us that our decision three years ago to redirect the organization away from hosting an annual show and initiatives and events like the lecture series and exhibit competitions was the right one. We look forward to the continuance of this series into 2012 and beyond.

MSNA’s last event of 2011 will be the annual meeting at the Whitman show in November (room 329 of the Baltimore Convention Center). Members are highly encouraged to attend our upcoming annual meeting as we will be seeking approval of some minor updates and revisions to our Constitution and By-Laws, as published in this issue and on the MSNA website. We will also be working on securing an appraisal of the John B. Henry collection and incorporating a simple but functional MSNA store on our website to benefit members and member clubs.

In my last letter I addressed the need for ensuring adequate member club representation at our meetings and events. The task at hand is to simply have member clubs re-establish or confirm their representative to MSNA. I ask that all member clubs be responsive to the forthcoming letter to your club requesting this information update.

The MSNA board will entertain and consider member submissions on the design of our 2012 Souvenir Card to commemorate the War of 1812. If you have design ideas or proposals for the 2012 souvenir card, please submit them for our consideration prior to November. The design selection will be announced in the next issue.
Thanks again to all the member clubs and members who promoted, sold, or purchased 2011 tickets for the gold and silver prizes to be raffled in November. Please contact us if you need more tickets for friends and family. With that, I wish you the best the autumn months and this hobby can offer. I hope to see many of you at our annual meeting.

Jack Schadegg, MSNA President