Anthony Swiatek at MSNA Distinguished Lecture 2011

Anthony Swiatek talks about What Every Collector Should be Aware of before Buying Coins at a Coin Show

Mr. Swiatek had an old-fashioned slide show that included many counterfeits and altered coins, including coins with added mintmarks and smoothed surfaces. He also described how evolving grading standards and coin slabbing have impacted the coins market. As a recognized expert in US commemorative coins, Mr. Swiatek gave the audience some pointers on which recent commemorative issues contain valuable varieties. A good number of anecdotes and other humorous stories complemented much of Swiatek’s discussion on the photos or immediate subject matter. At the conclusion of the lecture, Mr. Swiatek accepted an honorary life-time membership to MSNA and a presentation set of MSNA medals. He also donated back our honorarium, which will help keep MSNA in the black this year.