It is just a matter of weeks now until spring. To get in the spirit, I found enduring representations of my favorite season in the Royal Canadian Mint Birds of Canada series of 2010. The goldfinch quarter is particularly striking. I’m not the biggest fan of colorized coins, but I feel the RCM did a decent job on several 2010 issues of this kind.

While hibernation during winter is tempting, the MSNA Board stayed active and on course for several projects. Notably, we were able secure our 2011 Distinguished Lecturer Series event speaker. Anthony Swaitek (a.k.a. Mr. Commem) will speak at the Baltimore Whitman Coin Expo this coming June. We were also successful with the final build design and fielding of our new website, now an online resource to our member clubs, general membership, and the coin collecting public. We are steadily progressing with the inventory of our Maryland token and bank note collection. Lastly, we decided to design and produce a new MSNA souvenir sheet to commemorate the War of 1812 in Maryland.

The MSNA website was a multi-year project, so it is a real accom- plishment fielding it. But a successful website is always being refined, and for that we need user comments. It is time for members to review what we have done and send in recommendations. For member clubs, the MSNA website will become an excellent place to keep current club and event information you want available to your members and the public at large. The MSNA website store menu is still under construction. We intend to have a simple order form and payment system in place for the public to use after viewing item pictures and descriptions. Store items will include past and current MSNA souvenir sheets, medals, and pins, and selected collectible items from member clubs.

Our editor is doing a great job in securing worthy articles for the Maryland Numismatist. We solicit your input for the 2011 Best Article contest. Sometime before your second or third trip to the local lawn and garden shop, take time to enjoy this issue of the Maryland Numismatist.

Jack Schadegg, MSNA President