Fugio (Latin: I Fly) is the caption on the obverse of the 1787 “Franklin” cent with another obverse legend “Mind Your Business” beneath a sun and sun dial. As the color-laden days of the Maryland autumn pass and another Maryland winter approaches, it seems to me as if the days are falling off the calendar as fast as the leaves off the trees. No matter how many irons I have in the fire at this time of year, I always take a leisurely and reflective break from “minding my business” to rake the sugar maple and oak leaves from the yard. Time does fly. After serving MSNA in this capacity for these past four seasons, I am definitely looking forward to another year serving as President.

This past year in MSNA was marked with accomplishments and initiatives. We were able to attract and publish some very fine numismatic articles from our membership and hobby associates. Our 2010 Distinguished Lecturer Series event was successful by a number of measures. Our initiative to build and field the MSNA website is now an ongoing and maturing project. We began a time-consuming and detailed re-inventory and organization of our significant Maryland token collection. Many of the ways and means of doing things such as publishing the Maryland Numismatist, record keeping; mailing, etc. were upgraded or enhanced. We will continue all the above endeavors into 2011 with the goal of being recognized and known as an asset by our members, associates, and the numismatic community at-large.

MSNA will have a website on the World-Wide-Web in 2011. At this time, our website (www.mdstatenumisassn.org) contains a non-interactive webpage “placeholder.” Behind the scenes the designers are fashioning an attractive and functional website that will feature past issues of the Maryland Numismatist, member club information and forms, regional hobby news and events, convenience links to numismatic blogs, a store, user feedback comments, etc. I’ll keep you posted on when the website placeholder is replaced with the real McCoy.

I mentioned earlier of the fine articles we were able to publish in the Maryland Numismatist. One of those articles, Maryland Colonial Currency (see the Spring 2010 – Volume 38 – No. 1 issue), was selected by our judges as the 2010 Best Article. The author, Scott Barman of Montgomery County, won the $50 gift certificate. Congratulations to Scott and my many thanks to all those who submitted such fine reading. The 2011 Best Article contest begins now.

In closing, once the autumn leaves are all raked, please take a leisurely break from “minding your business” to read the Winter 2010 issue of the Maryland Numismatist.

Jack Schadegg, President, MSNA