This issue of the Maryland Numismatist precedes our involvement with the upcoming Whitman Coin Show in Baltimore, Maryland June 18th – 20th. In conjunction with that show, we are pleased and honored to have Mark Borckardt as our second speaker in the MSNA Distinguished Lecturer Series. Borckardt, one of the country’s outstanding numismatic scholars and researchers, is speaking on “Sixty Minutes at the First Mint.” This exceptional lecture and discussion is surely worth any time and trouble it takes to make the event. I encourage our member clubs and membership in general to mark calendars and do any other planning activities required to make the run to Baltimore. You can find more detailed information on our lecturer and his enlightening talk in this issue.

In the past few months MSNA has made significant strides towards establishing our presence on the world-wide-web internet. In March we registered our domain name and obtained web-hosting support services. In April the MSNA Executive Board reviewed a prototype of the MSNA website. If the review consensus had to be summed up in a single word by the entire MSNA Board – “impressive” would be a good fit. Our next step is to further massage the prototype website with design, content, and functionality enhancements. Within a few weeks of that we will launch (or will have launched)

Shortly after launching the website, I intend on soliciting user comments and inputs from our member clubs. Our desire and stated goal is to field a MSNA website that all will find useful and inspiring – and one our member clubs and individual members will find beneficial and rewarding. I’m confident we are just a few mouse clicks away from obtaining that goal. I will keep you posted on future progress and needs. There are many thanks to be given already for all those who have contributed time and capacity to this important 2010 initiative and goal.

I leave you to a nice read of the remainder of this issue. I hope to see many of you at the Distinguished Lecturer Series event and coin show in Baltimore.

Jack Schadegg, MSNA President