With a very productive Board Meeting held in January, MSNA is off to a nice start on a fairly aggressive agenda for 2010… but we also entered 2010 with a pause to recognize and remember Bill Ayres and all his steadfast, invaluable, selfless contributions towards this organization—over many years. MSNA representatives attended his memorial service held January 16th in Fork, Maryland.

As mentioned in my last letter, MSNA is transitioning from an organization primarily focused each year on arranging and holding an annual Coin Show to one more focused on collaboration with and support of area numismatic organizations and other numismatic endeavors. In 2009 we inaugurated our Distinguished Lecture Series in association with the Whitman Coin and Currency Show. We continue the Distinguished Lecture Series this year having nearly completed the process of finalizing arrangements for another exceptional program in conjunction with the upcoming Whitman Coin Expo in Baltimore. MSNA is also hosting the Exhibit Competition at the Whitman shows. More detailed information on these important 2010 events is contained in this issue.

We are also steaming full-ahead and fast on our initiative to dramatically increase the MSNA presence on the world-wide-web internet. The process of securing a website domain name is underway. More importantly, we already have a few members, highly qualified in website design and application, who have volunteered expertise, time, and efforts towards getting a MSNA website up and running. Along the way here, we certainly would like to hear from any of our members or member clubs willing to contribute design and functionality reviews, ideas, or recommendations. Our goal is to launch a quality laden website that all members and member clubs having internet access will find useful and inspiring. We will keep you posted on our progress and needs in this initiative.

It has been a long and snowy winter for most Marylanders. I know most of us are itching to strike out into the springtime. But before you become too involved with going places and doing things to shake off the cabin fever, take some leisurely time to read and enjoy the remainder of this Spring issue of the Maryland Numismatist.

Jack Schadegg, MSNA President